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Royal Wedding - My Thoughts

May 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The Royal Wedding

Prince Harry & Megan Markel

Saturday 19th May 2018. 

Let's keep this brief, what a beautiful day it was. 
Being British, We're known for our poor weather, then blistering sun, then heavy downpours, but, How beautiful did it turn out for the happy couple. 

I think everything was perfect, from The Dutchess of Sussex' dress to the empty seat left in memory for Princess Diana.
Planning for this wedding must have been so precise!

Anyway, watching on the BBC broadcast of the big day, It was incredible to witness the incredible support received from the British public, Hundreds of thousands of people visiting the streets of Windsor, and Billions of people watching around the world, I'm sure our Prince and Dutchess to be was slightly nervous.

You will find thousands of People, Either Professionals or general viewers criticizing every last detail, I've seen people moaning about Megan's dress not being fitted, loose eyebrow hairs, Prince Harry's beard and suit, loads of incredibly petty things to mention, but are forgetting about the reason this is happening, because two people are in love. 

Yes, coming from Royalty will have its benefits when it comes to planning your wedding, but people forget the underlining reason because they want to commit their lives to one another. 

Watching on, I have no shame in saying I cried. The hymns sung as Megan entered the chapel got me. If I'm correct in my statement, One hymn was sung/played at the late Princess Diana's funeral.
Megan's dress was absolutely beautiful, sleek, elegant, and pure. It didn't need to be absolutely skin tight like many are complaining about. Her natural beauty was just as compelling as her gorgeous vail. 

Asking Prince Charles to walk her down the aisle to meet her Husband to be was a beautiful touch and a real seal of acceptance from my perspective. 

Having Rev, Bishop Michael Curry speak was breathtaking too, a real insight into the Gospel church. He brought energy, and fire to an otherwise traditional speech. Need I add the absolutely underrated Choir I've ever seen, singing "Stand By Me", just WOW! 

As proud as they both must be, not only of themselves but of each other, I feel Princess Diana would be overlooking them that day with the same beautiful smile. 

Some of my favourite images from The Royal Wedding. 
(I do not own any of these images, images from The Royal Family, and The Telegraph)



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