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2015, What a wonderful year!

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What a wonderful year is has been!

** Focusing on positives **


2015 started of as a promising year for my photography business, with an influx of clients confirming their Weddings in December 2014, and January 2015, I couldn't wait for the year to get underway!


I've had the privilege of shooting Weddings, birthday parties, event's and having an opening into the world of Corporate Photography. I've also been privileged having the opportunity to travel to Greater Manchester & Northern Ireland (BallyCastle) for Weddings, which has really helped expand my name to other areas of the United Kingdom. 


My clients are what help me continue in my field, seriously. It sometimes sounds like a cliche when people always mention their clients, but hearing that the service you provided made their day extra special, its truly something I love to hear.


I visited Greece in late August for 12 days, after my busiest month of work. I needed a little me time, as we all do, to which the temperature was a solid 37 degrees every day! Don't worry, I'm not complaining, it was beautiful! Exploring the hidden caves out in the sea and snorkeling in The Blue Lagoon! What can only be described as pure paradise.




I also had a small trip out to Amsterdam, wondering through the winding streets and visiting the local tourist sites! I'm making plans to go back there to do a few Wedding promo shots, I've got some lovely idea's and so excited to do it!




My resolutions for 2015 were to basically work hard, try and expand my business and to get published in a magazine, and it's been confirmed that One of my images will in fact be published in February 2016's issue of VOGUE!


Despite all the travelling and success that's happened throughout the year, my happiest day was Tuesday 29th December, at 5:35am. 
My incredible sister, and her partner Matthew gave birth to Isla-Rose, weighing 7.2 Lb.

Not entering too much detail, but despite a long and overdue birth, Both Ashley & Matt waited countless hours for beautiful Isla to arrive. Thank you both for providing her so much comfort and support.

A million words could describe her, but only one comes to mind. 


Happy New year to you all, and I pray you all have a Wonderful and fruitful year.






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