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Family Photography Session at Windsor Great Park

June 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This family photography session couldn't have been more perfect! 

Contacted by Megan Lynch, she wanted to arrange a Family Photography Session at a local location, of which her family adored, as a surprise for her Mother's Birthday present.

Never have I been to a more beautiful location, Seriously. I started the day by Travelling to Windsor from my lovely little location of Great Wakering, Southend-On-Sea, along the way stopping for petrol and some nibbles. I make it the Great Park with plenty of time, encountering absolutely no traffic which of course was a blessing in itself. I arrive at Saville Park, a kind of Shopping center of which you can purchase food, plants and just enjoy the scenery. I sit down, sipping on a Latte when I thought I would check my phone, seeing if I had any messages etc (As you do) just to find I had so service. This wasn't an issue at the time. It gets to roughly 20 minutes before my meeting time with the whole family and I look at my paperwork regarding meeting location etc, and Silly me, I've only gone to the wrong location! I ask a few local people directions but it completely went into one ear and out the other! Not because I wasn't paying attention, but out of panic i presume. I drive around this vast landscape and winding country roads to come across more people, and ask for some directions, unfortunately the same situation happens again with the In one ear and our the other, So i drive back to where I originally was and so again, one last time, stop ask for directions and silly me, turns out my original located was no more that 200 meters from my actually meeting point, so I speed their, pay £5 to park and out of shock, I ARRIVE EARLY!

All this craziness and my photo shoot hasn't even started yet! Thankfully that was all that happened that day in regards to the mini panic attack I'd encountered previously. 

I meet Megan, introduce myself to all the family, then we head off. Megan and her family live no more than 15 minutes away from the park so they knew of the parks walkways and trails very well, so this was a massive bonus. Walking along I'm purely looking for Photo opportunities, as I was unable to scout out locations before hand, but as everywhere you looked so beautiful, covered with wild flowers, singing birds and green trees, It was to impractical to take a photo everywhere, so I was looked for the best. We shoot in a few locations and capture some individual couples photographs which nicely broke down our shoot, which was like a Mini family photo session, Inside a large Family photo session. Walking along, I'd say 25/30 minutes into our shoot we walk past an also perfectly suited location, perfectly aligned trees, lake in the background and almost perfect scenery. Just behind me was a set of stairs which allowed me to get high up, and I was using my 70-200mm F2.8 Mark II Lens, which helped make an almost perfect picture, perfect.  (Preview Picture below)

© Photographer Liam Gillan-4445© Photographer Liam Gillan-4445

After capturing more family photo's we rearranged and recreated some of photographs the Lynch family had from years previous which was great fun, and after being learning some historical information about Windsor and interested information like certain movies had been shot there, our family photo shoot came to an end. I would like to thank Megan for contacting me in regards to being their photographer, and It was an absolute pleasure. 


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Family photography session at Windsor Great Park by Photographer Liam Gillan.



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