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Wedding Photography at Camden Town Hall, London by Photographer Liam Gillan

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Mr & Mrs Hardie.

First of all I'd like to say a massive congratulations of Lynne & Kevin, thank you hosting a beautiful day and I wish you both many years of happiness.

Before the big day, I done my research of the venue to find out what equipment I would need, a rough idea of what settings i'll be using and what surrounding's i'd be working with. This always helps because you then are not left in the dark as to what to expect on the day.

The Big Day!

The wedding ceremony was starting at 14:00 hours, so I was prepared to get there with plenty of time, then perhaps find a coffee shop to sit down in and relax for a little while. I arrived at Southend Victoria train station, purchased my ticket and my train left with in two minutes of sitting down, no delays or set backs which made traveling smooth, which is always nice. I then tried to find what platform from Liverpool Street to Kings Cross Station I had to be on but I had no idea! Apparently I had to be on the underground, so obviously I'm walking around (Clueless). Once I asked for help I was well on the way and made it Kings Cross in no time. 

Camden Town Hall is no joke, a one minute walk for the station which was great, and whilst I was crossing the road, this to add I was wearing my Branded photography shirt, a gentleman to the name of Jim, accompanied by a couple of ladies ask me "Are you shooting a wedding today", I replied yes and who I was shooting for, and happily they where attending the the same wedding, and Jim just happened to be Kevin's father, so we had a good old natter and we all headed off to the pub! 
(I must add we all had Tea & Coffee.)

At 13:20pm, I walked back to Camden Town Hall, introduced myself to the receptionist, and was told Three Weddings where being held at 14:00. 

Walking around the halls and seeing what I'd be shooting with, I got my camera out and decided to start shooting. 
Just image a beautiful Marble staircase, beautiful open lighting, a vintage feel room, It's a photographers dream and was so

Whilst walking around I got talking to a German photographer, he was talking about what work he shoots and me vice versa, he seemed a very polite man and we wished each other luck at our weddings, as you do, and we continued shooting. I walked outside and I meet Kevin, looking very smart in his suit and thankfully, no hangover from the night before haha, but as he greeting guests he invited, it was funny because people he didn't know kept coming up to his saying Hello etc, and asking him where to go! He thought at first it was a laugh but a lot of people where walking in and he had to say he is getting married, he didn't work there, after having a laugh I then went to see Lynne.

Once saying Hello to Lynne and her daughters Lauren and Mia, I had to compliment them all because they all looked beautiful. Lynne was talking to the registrar and I asked if she had any Objections etc and she was so polite, and making jokes which I think made Lynne, and myself feel more comfortable.

After the ceremony had finished we arranged some beautiful photo's with the marble stairs, lots of photos of Lynne and Kevin, along with individual ones with friends & family. Whilst half way through our group shots another photographer from another wedding came up to me and asked how long I would be, in an attempted to Hurry me up, but I didn't feel it was right to rush Lynne & Kevin as it is there special day so we got the shots we wanted then once finished, we left. 

Whilst most of the guests where of to The Artisan of Clerkenwell, but bizarrely before we made our way there, just across the road to the hall, was an O'neills, we we went in there, baring in mind Lynne in her wedding dress and Kevin in his Suit, we all went for a drink, I got some lovely natural shots in there.

We left O'neills and made our way to The Artisan, as to where all the guests had arrived, and it was so lovely in there. I couldn't describe the theme but it was very modern yet with a lot of vintage materials in there, does that make sense? They had a Foosball table which everyone had fun playing, a beautiful bar with a large variety of drinks, and just a great vibe about the whole venue. In the Artisan I was just shooting natural shots, trying to capture peoples emotions and creating memories for the Happy couple. 

Though out the day I was shooting mostly without a Speedlight or Flashgun as people might know of it. This is because the venue was so open lit and i wanted to capture a vintage feel which I thought would help with out the Flash. If you would like an more information about the equipment I was using, then please ask. 


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Julie gillan(non-registered)
Sounds like you had everything planned down to a tee Liam well done ,your blog about your day is very interesting,carry on the good work x
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